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Dear Heart, I Can Not Listen

Dear Heart,

Many days, I make the mistake of listening to you.

My Failures, God's Grace

Often times when reflecting upon my life, all I can see in myself is a failure of a Christian.

In Fear's Grip

It cripples us and causes us to entertain irrational thoughts. It blinds us from truth and holds us captive. Because of it, we become stand-still, unable to move - or we are the polar opposite, shrieking, running, and shoving our way out. It keeps us imprisoned without the use of chains, locks, or bars.

These are the reactions to a monster we all face - no one is exempt from being held in its clutches.

Its name is Fear.

There are various types of fears. Some are rational: large snakes, the dark, heights. These can give us a healthy respect to potential dangers and can cause us to be careful when engaging in activities where they are present. Other fears are more unique: clowns, tight spaces, dogs. They may seem ridiculous to others, but are often instilled in us due to personal experiences.

Then there are larger fears. When - and how - will I die? What if my mom or dad is seriously injured at work? What if my spouse someday cheats on me? What if the kids get abducted while at prescho…

Wise Words from the Neighbourhood "Fool"

The neighborhood I live in is locally known for housing many people with significant mental disabilities. Having worked at the coffee shop nearby, I've quickly gotten to know a number of these people and form relationships on a regular basis.
As I was walking to school earlier this week, I came across one of these gentlemen - whose conversation with me would include one of the most profound statements I've heard in a long time.

Consider Your Words

Words. Very few things we possess are more powerful - and yet, very few things are used more erroneously.

Delighting in God's Law

So often, we have a misconstrued view of God's law.