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Why You Need to Read the Whole Bible

In your personal devotions and Scripture readings, have you ever found yourself continually reading through the same types or genres of books and (possibly unintentionally) ignoring others all together? Maybe you have that "go-to" book that you default to whenever you don't know which book to read through next, but (more often than not) some books just seem really boring or useless for the twenty-first century.

How to Worship During Worship

All too often, we have a distorted view of worship.

We generally view worship as simply singing passionately, praying boldly, and reading Scripture exceptionally. While these may often be outcomes of worship, they alone are not.

Embrace Your Single Years

That word seems to have the power to cause dread in any young (and not-so-young) adult's life. Being labeled as "single" is often perceived as being a failure, rejected, or unloved. We are so quick to determine our value by others' opinion of us, and the reminder that we don't have that "special someone" is just another jab in the side.
But why does being "single" always have to have a negative connotation?
What if we decided to change our perspective? If we saw this unique period in our life as it is - unique? 
What if, instead of bemoaning our singleness, we embraced it?

Do Not Conform

I hate sticking out.

So often I want to blend right in with the crowd. The thought of being singled out or ridiculed because I might be different from others in a particular area is just plain awkward and uncomfortable. I don't exactly enjoy standing up for what I believe while everyone else standing around isn't afraid to let you see them smirk at your "queerness" - especially when it concerns my faith. 
And yet, that's exactly what I'm called to do.

"Remind Me"

Poetry is one of those genres I've never written much of, but I love it. It has a way of connecting with your emotions that no other form seems to possess. Maybe it's the rhythm, or perhaps it's all the literary uses of alliteration, similes, and rhyme patterns - I don't know. Regardless, a well-written poem is a beautiful piece of literary art.

My Dependency is My Hope

"for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure." 
- Philippians 2:13

This is one verse I have been constantly reminding myself of lately. I'm the type of person that always feels the need to prove (even if just to myself) that I can defeat or conquer or complete something on my own. 

What strikes me about this verse is the critical reminder of my total dependency on God.