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Humility: Esteeming God Above Ourselves

Humility: a word scoffed at by the world - and yet, one of the central aspects of Christianity. Christ's humility brought redemption. Our humility - given by God - causes us to surrender. The church's humility allows God to work and sanctify. Humility must be that which Christ-followers continually strive for.

And yet, humility is so often misunderstood - and really, undesired -  by Christians.

Reshare: "When Your World Crumbles": Guest Post on Heather's Ambitions

This week I was allowed the privilege to write a guest post for Heather's Ambitions. Heather is doing a series of posts written by various bloggers about verses or sayings that have impacted them and taught them lessons about God.I hope this post centering on God's sovereignty and His plan for His glory and your good might encourage your soul to stand firm in Christ throughout all the storms of life."When Your World Crumbles" by Mandie PitreFor His Glory,
Mandie Pitre

Stop and Breathe: Take Time to Rest


If I had a dime for the amount of times I've heard those words in my life, I'd be a billionare. 

I'm the type of person that has always struggled with being still. I'm a "go-getter": always running around from one place to the next, taking extra shifts at work or responsibilities at church, starting new things, and making more commitments. Ever since I've graduated from school, but especially since I moved out on my own, I've barely stopped.

And that's a big problem...

"Dear Perfectionist Me..."

As long as I can remember, I have always been a perfectionist.

Whether it was school, music, sports, or spelling, I would always push myself to the limit - if not past it. Though there is a lot to commend in someone who desires to do his best, there is a false hope that I have noticed can be particularly harmful for perfectionists: we can become in danger of deceiving ourselves into distorting the message of the Gospel, by believing that an achievement of "perfection" could be our hope for righteousness.

So, for those of us who also struggle against perfectionism, here are three truths that we need to remind ourselves:

1) I Can Never Be Perfect
As silly as this may sound, I have spent much of my life frustrated to the point of extreme depression by the fact that I would never be perfect. So many times I would think back over my day or week or life, and as I reminded myself of my actions and attitudes in various situations (especially traits that continually popped up), I woul…