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Hope Born in the Darkness

Christmas . It's one of my favorite times of the year. It's the time when the cities get festive and strangers exchange greeting of good cheer. It's when we light up the fire or snuggle on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. There's beautifully decorated trees and Christmas goodies, family fun and warm wishes.  But what is it about this holiday that makes it so beautiful to so many people?
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The Battlefield of Books

While waiting to meet up with some friends yesterday evening, I decided to peruse through the nearby bookstore. Hoping to (maybe) find a couple of solid Christian nonfiction books I didn't have, I quickly made my way to the "religious books" section. There wasn't much new or different that was solid doctrinally. Just as I suspected.

Stop Following Your Heart

“The heart is deceitful above all things,  And desperately wicked;  Who can know it?"  - Jeremiah 17:9 To anyone who has heard this verse a plethora of times, it's easy to skim over the verse without much thought - to say, "Yeah, I know, 'Don't follow your heart' ," and move on.  But how often do we really stop and think through what "following your heart" actually looks like in our every day life?

What Will You Offer?

Reading through Leviticus has been a challenge.

Dear Heart, I Can Not Listen

Dear Heart, Many days, I make the mistake of listening to you.

My Failures, God's Grace

Often times when reflecting upon my life, all I can see in myself is a failure of a Christian.

In Fear's Grip

It cripples us and causes us to entertain irrational thoughts. It blinds us from truth and holds us captive. Because of it, we become stand-still, unable to move - or we are the polar opposite, shrieking, running, and shoving our way out. It keeps us imprisoned without the use of chains, locks, or bars. These are the reactions to a monster we all face - no one is exempt from being held in its clutches. Its name is Fear. There are various types of fears. Some are rational: large snakes, the dark, heights. These can give us a healthy respect to potential dangers and can cause us to be careful when engaging in activities where they are present. Other fears are more unique: clowns, tight spaces, dogs. They may seem ridiculous to others, but are often instilled in us due to personal experiences. Then there are larger fears. When - and how - will I die? What if my mom or dad is seriously injured at work? What if my spouse someday cheats on me? What if the kids get abducted while at